Do participants enact a variety of political or ideological purposes within or behind the activities or services of the Gülen Movement?

Fethullah Gülen

No. The goals of the Gülen Movement are not focused on building internal solidarity by creating a counterculture.

Neither is the Movement an ensemble of networks and institutions within which participants can carry on their own activities (public or private), or pursue their own interests (political or commercial): The Gülen Movement is not a means, substitute or subcontractor for some to establish their ideology, politics or economic interests. It is not a parallel society in which a commune or comrade-friends live in an increasingly radicalized way, closed off from the world and global communities. Instead, the Movement is consistent in norms, values and goals. People who support the Movement’s initiatives but do not identify themselves as “in” it have never complained that its initiatives are based on the ideological or political commitments of the organizers.

All kinds of people feel that they belong in the Gülen Movement, and through the Gülen Movement they find a feeling of belonging to wider society. Their participation starts with short-term projects and objectives but in time turns into long-term commitment and affiliation, and the foundation of future altruistic community services. For participants, the meaning of their participation lies in their action, in their voluntary commitment and vocation.