Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism-3

Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism-3Another important attribute of The Emerald Hills of the Heart, at least as important as the other attributes mentioned above, if not more so, is that it presents the Islamic spiritual life that constitutes the core of Islam not as a theoretical subject but as lived by the Companions of the Prophet. It presents this life as a profound experience of the heart, mind, and body described and appointed by Islam. It also investigates how it has taken shape throughout history. The Emerald Hills of the Heart bequeaths to future ages —a time in which perhaps apparently different realms of religion and reason, science, technology, rhetoric and welfare will, in cooperation, make unprecedented and inconceivable progress— the legacy of Sufism, with all its dimensions, or the spiritual life of Islam in its immense entirety as a safe and sound road that has been protected against all manner of deviations.

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Introduction Ali Ünal 10726
Irshad and Murshid (Guidance and the Guide) Fethullah Gülen 11804
Safar (Journeying) Fethullah Gülen 11809
Wasil (One Who Has Reached) Fethullah Gülen 12454
Samt (Silence) Fethullah Gülen 12020
Halwat and Jalwat (Privacy and Company) Fethullah Gülen 11921
Ilm Ladun (The Special Knowledge from God's Presence) Fethullah Gülen 10224
Waliyy and Awliyaullah (God's Friend [Saint] and God's Friends [Saints]) Fethullah Gülen 12538
Fayd and Tajalli (Effusion and Manifestation) Fethullah Gülen 12329
Tajalli (Manifestation) Fethullah Gülen 12595
A'yan ath-Thabita and 'Alam Al-Mithal (Archetypes and the World of Representations or Ideal Forms) Fethullah Gülen 13290
Wahy and Ilham (Revelation and Inspiration) Fethullah Gülen 12104
Al-Awwal (The First), Al-Ahir (The Last) Az-Zahir (The All-Outward), Al-Batin (The All-Inward) Fethullah Gülen 11500
Heavenly or Elevated Realms Fethullah Gülen 11890
Ahadiya and Wahidiya (Uniqueness or Absolute Oneness and Unity) Fethullah Gülen 11562
Wahda and Kasra (Unity and Multiplicity) Fethullah Gülen 11262
The Spirit and What Follows Fethullah Gülen 12669
Wijdan (Conscience) Fethullah Gülen 12516
'Aql (Reason) Fethullah Gülen 12000
Nafs (The Soul) Fethullah Gülen 12050
Karama (Wonder) Fethullah Gülen 11868
Nazar and Tawajjuh (Attention and Regard) Fethullah Gülen 11995
Subuhat-i Wajh (The Flood of God's Facial Light) Fethullah Gülen 11318
Waridat and Mawhiba (Gifts and Favor) Fethullah Gülen 11319
Khulla (Sincere Friendship) Fethullah Gülen 11814