Two Important Points in Gülen-Pope Meeting

First of all, Fethullah Hodjaefendi's recommendations to the Pope:

· As Christianity is entering its third millennium, mutual visits should be made to such sacred Middle Eastern places as Antioch, Tarsus, Ephesus, and Jerusalem.

· Efforts should be made to declare Jerusalem an international district so that Christians, Jews, and Muslims can freely visit without limitations or a visa.

· With the cooperation of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders, conferences should be arranged in various capitals, beginning in America.

· An independent university should be founded at Harran to meet these three religions' needs. In addition, there should be a student exchange program between the Christian and Islamic worlds.

These are Hodjaefendi's recommendations. If they are realized, cooperative dialogue among these three religions will become more stable, fanaticism will drown, and Turkey will become a global focal point of religions.

In particular, the suggestion to make Harran a center of religious knowledge is a magnificent suggestion that will deter the difficulties we're having in the Southeast. It also will contribute to global peace and open the way to healing wounds with "celestial compassion." It should be supported.

Fethullah Hodja did what was expected of him, and made his master happy by being an exemplary "loyal disciple."