How does Fethullah Gülen encourage people to serve humanity?

Fethullah Gülen encourages people to serve humanity through education, intercultural and interfaith activities in formal and institutionalized efforts and projects.

These services can reduce the gaps between people and nations and establish bridges for the common good and peace. He has explained that society’s three greatest enemies are ignorance, poverty, and internal schism, which knowledge, work-capital, and unity can eliminate.

Ignorance is the most serious problem, and it is defeated through education, which has always been the most important way of serving others. Education is the most effective vehicle for change – regardless of whether it is in Turkey or abroad, and whether or not people have systems working or failing – as the solution of every problem in human life ultimately depends on the initiative and capacities of human beings themselves. Poverty is mitigated through work and the possession of capital, justly deployed in the service of others; and internal schism and separatism are vanquished by striving, through forbearance, tolerance and dialogue, for unity.

These principles apply equally outside Turkey as within it. The Movement’s non-violent and peace-making approach and vision have been widely acknowledged and appreciated.