What is the influence of people who join the networks in the Gülen Movement at a later stage in their lives and have previous affiliations to other movements?

Fethullah Gülen

They come into the Gülen Movement because they would like to be a part of a system which is already working. Movement makes available venues and channels to express opinions and convince people and come to a majority decision. New participants with previous affiliations can, of course, access these channels. However, perspectives which are not in accord with the general principles of the collective action of the Gülen Movement may be aired but cannot be imposed on the majority. So newcomers to networks often orient themselves towards new goals of transformation.

Unless participants acknowledge and disseminate the worldview of the Gülen Movement, and contribute in some way to the services, they will find it difficult to be recognized as taking part in the Gülen Movement.

Integrating with a service-network or institution, however, does not require them to forsake other social networks to which they belong, but they can utilize them to circulate the new messages and meanings that they learn.