An Analysis of the Gülen Movement

Fethullah GülenThis study is an effort to understand how the Gülen movement, named after the prominent Turkish scholar Fethullah Gülen, has a sphere of influence on the global scale. Active in more than a hundred countries with schools and intercultural centers, the Gülen movement is considered to be one of the most significant social movements that arose from the Muslim world.

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The Cultural Foundations of Tolerance and Dialogue Enes Ergene
The Tradition of Public Oration Enes Ergene
Who is M. Fethullah Gülen? Enes Ergene
First Steps Toward Dialogue and Reconciliation Enes Ergene
The Journalists and Writers Foundation Enes Ergene
The Gülen Movement and Islam Enes Ergene
Is the Gülen Movement a Religious Order? Enes Ergene
The Gülen Movement, Dialogue, and Tolerance Enes Ergene
The Concept of Community and Formation of Communities Enes Ergene
Community Formation: Identity Crisis and Threat Enes Ergene