Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement in 100 questions

Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement in 100 questionsThe Gülen Movement was born at a time when a rapid social change was taking place in Turkey. However, at the same time a parallel movement was taking place in the world: emergence of political Islam or politization of Islam, in response of globalization. What was transpiring in Turkey at the time? As rapid urbanization, class differentiation, and cultural shifts from village and small towns were flocking to the cities, alternative frames of reference were needed. A balance had to be struck between the traditional values that people were socialized in and modern values; these new behavioral patterns would help them to navigate through the challenges of modern city life.

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How are the financial needs of students met? Doğu Ergil
What is the relationship of the schools with national and local administrators? Doğu Ergil
In general, what sectors of the society are enrolling their children in these schools? Doğu Ergil
How is the curriculum of these schools decided? Doğu Ergil
Are there mandatory projects required of the students, either during the academic year or during the summer holiday? If so, what are they? Doğu Ergil
Where do the students that graduate from the secondary schools (i.e., high schools), continue their education? Doğu Ergil
How do officials of the Turkish Foreign Ministry and the Turkish government view these schools? Doğu Ergil
Is there any criterion followed in order to choose the countries in which to establish schools? Doğu Ergil
Are there any countries which do not allow the schools to be opened? Doğu Ergil
Have the schools opened by the Gülen Movement made achievements on the national and international levels? Doğu Ergil