Reconciliation and Tolerance

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Some circles have again, unfortunately, interpreted this sincere and unaffected talk as "enmity towards the military."

It is not becoming for journalists to talk about themselves in their columns, but there is benefit in underscoring everything one more time. I'm a nationalist. I've always taken pride in the Turkish soldier's success. I've stood up for the Turkish Armed Forces. If today I'm going from court to court and giving testimony to prosecutors due to the claim that I have insulted the army, since I have not changed, this means that something in Turkey has changed.

In addition, no one should look for a calf under an ox. The speech I made at the evening for reconciliation was a call for accordance. Of course, accord will be reached around true and beautiful things.

The following is what I said at that night:

I see the Honorable Demirel's being here among us as an effort to correct an ugly mistake. In some circles biting rumors are being produced regarding the service to others for which Fethullah Gülen Hodjaefendi has taken the lead. Demirel's presence is in the nature of an answer to those who are speaking inappropriately.

Gülen Hodja is an extremely sensitive person. Unbecoming talks hurts and grieves him. For this reason, he said he is going to turn over the schools. Esteemed Hodja! Even if you donate those schools, we will not allow it. Esteemed Hodja! I want to address you with one sentence that Demirel wrote to me from Zincirbozan: "Even if the moon is in it's weakest moment as a new moon, in fact, even if there is an eclipse of the moon, it is still pointed to and said, there it is."

Do not feel sad that your cause might become weak. That cause continues to enlighten many hearts. Is a solar or lunar eclipse permanent?

In order for the attitude of the quiet majority to be better understood, I would like to print some of the thank-you letters:

"Your giving support—even if it's moral support—to the esteemed Fethullah Hodja, who for many years has devotedly worked day and night for his country and nation, and your helping to increase the love and enthusiasm of him and his friends is a great service to the noble Turkish Nation…"

"With this brave speech, I believe you've made a service equal to the educational institutions that have proven themselves inside and outside of the country. May God increase the number of sincere and struggling people who think like you…"

"Last night my wife and children and I watched your speech on social reconciliation with tears in our eyes... You became a fresh breath for hundreds of thousands of warriors of love who don't expect the slightest thing from anyone in this world, who only seek God's approval, who love and extend their hands to all creatures for the sake of the Creator, who are struggling to raise a generation that can enable the state to become an eternal one and who are willing to be a doormat for this cause…"

"As an exporter and industrialist, I want to express my feelings: I follow closely and appreciate Fethullah Hodja and his activities. Not accepting how important a duty he is performing for this country is either ignorance or bad intention…"

"Your cries coming from our people's bosom created streams of love in our hearts…"

"We are following with appreciation your efforts regarding surrender to the truth and holding the love of God as exalted. Just as every other Anatolian, who stands up for national and moral values, we were caught up in a great emotional flood while listening to your speech full of meaning and intense emotions. You were our tongue and you expressed what is in our hearts."

"I congratulate you for your unpretentious, sincere, and warm talk.…"

"I want to indicate that your attitude is a source of hope for our tomorrows. I congratulate you on your sincere and brave speech…"

"This nation will endure everything, but it wants to be stood up for by enlightened people with common sense like yourself. You expressed the deepest feelings in our hearts."

"An animal will take a fallen rose into his mouth and chew it; an ungrateful person will step on it and continue on his way; but a real human being will pin it on his chest. Only 'jewellers of speech' like you can understand these people..."

I published some of these letters from ordinary citizens to make their voice heard. Listen to this voice and to pious people's chests full of fear. It seems almost as if they are waiting for rains of wrath that can fall at any moment.

Come and let's try and understand each other. Let's disperse the clouds of doubt that have come between us. All beautiful people of the Turkish nation, come and let's embrace each other.

Perhaps it is a divine coincidence that the New Year begins on the first day of Ramadan. Lifestyles and beliefs that are different from one another can melt in one crucible. Roads going in different directions can even cross.