An Exceptional Place of Integrating Intelligence

by Prof. Serif Mardin on . Posted in Commentaries

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The primary contribution of Fethullah's Gülen's views is the importance he places on the tie between faith and environmental conditions. With a distinguished view of such focal points as history, society, and the individual, his relating of faith to religion is hardly ever seen, even among social scientists. With this in mind, the exceptional place of this integrating intelligence becomes even clearer.

The principle that society necessarily brings of "calculating tomorrow's interests now" weakens the community structure. Thus, we should not progress too much on this path. Faith creates a strong basis on this subject, and Fethullah Hodja mentions its consolidating power. We can see a self-sacrifice, now quite rare, in those inspired by his ideas.

Consider the following points that Fethullah Hodja emphasizes: Knowledge is passed on in a civilization by clear expression and technical terminology. In other words, it is passed on as a general symbol cluster and a practical term. Those who see Islam more as a dogmatic whole do not see this functional characteristic of religion, nor do those who describe the phenomenon of religion in Turkey as a focal point of power.

Prof. Serif Mardin, Comments on Ufuk Turu by Eyup Can, Istanbul, 1996