Towards the Lost Paradise

Towards the Lost ParadiseThis book is composed of M. Fethullah Gülen's selected articles which have so far been published in different magazines. In these articles, you will travel through the vivid expressions of M. Fethullah Gülen and see the collapse of one of the greatest civilizations of the world and inward decay of believing peoples all over the world, and you will witness the lament of a responsible Muslim thinker for the miserable conditions of the wronged peoples of the world. The flowery language of M. Fethullah Gülen will at times take you through a different world, the happy world of the future, where "flowers" sway on "sloping hills" and birds sing of spring every' where, and you will come to know how it can be possible to find such a world.

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Compassion Fethullah Gülen
Love Fethullah Gülen
Chilah Fethullah Gülen
The Decline of Spiritual Energy Fethullah Gülen
Generations With No Ideals Fethullah Gülen
Attachment to Life Fethullah Gülen
Some Drop Out Half-Way Fethullah Gülen
Startling Scenes Fethullah Gülen
The Horizon of Shame Fethullah Gülen
Chaos and Belief Fethullah Gülen