People of service

by Fethullah Gülen on . Posted in Pearls of Wisdom

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People of service must resolve, for the sake of the cause to which they have given their heart, to cross over seas of “pus and blood.” When they attain the desired object, they must be mature enough to attribute everything to its Rightful Owner, and be respectful and thankful to Him. Their voices and breaths glorify and magnify God, the Sublime Creator. Such people hold everyone in high regard and esteem, and are so balanced and faithful to God’s Will that they do not idolize those whom they praise for their services.

* * *

They see, before anybody else, their own selves responsible and answerable for any work left undone, and are considerate and fair-minded to everyone who hastens to help and support the truth. They are extraordinarily resolved and hopeful even when their institutions are destroyed, their plans upset, and their forces routed, and humble, moderate and tolerant when they take wings anew to fly upward and once again soar to the summits.

* * *

People of service are so rational and wise that they admit in advance that the path is very steep. So zealous, persevering, and confident are they that they willingly pass through all the pits of hell encountered on the way. Such people are so faithful to the cause to which they have devoted themselves that, deeply in love with it, they willingly sacrifice their lives and whatever they love for its sake. So sincere, dedicated and humble are such people that they never call to mind all that they have done for their cause.