Science and knowledge

by Fethullah Gülen on . Posted in Pearls of Wisdom

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Fethullah Gülen: Science and knowledge

Avoiding the positive sciences fearing that they will lead to irreligion is naivety, and seeing them as contradictory with religion and faith and as vehicles for the rejection of religion is prejudice and ignorance.

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Science and technology are beneficial to the degree that they guarantee human happiness and help us attain true humanity. If they are developed to harm humanity, they become devils blocking our road.

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At the beginning of this century, some short-sighted materialists made science into an idol and sacrificed everything to it, while the most famous scientist of the century was criticizing this tendency in a pleasant way by saying: “Science without religion is blind; religion without science is lame.” What would he have said if he saw those of today who are both blind and lame?!

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Claiming that the positive sciences are of no value is ignorance and bigotry; rejecting everything else outside their fields is a crude fanaticism. Realizing that there is still a great deal to be learned in the face of every new thing learned signifies true scientific mentality and sound thinking.

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It is human beings who make, use and direct science and technology, therefore it is not reasonable to fear them. Danger does not lie in science and founding a world according to it; danger lies in ignorance and the lack of consciousness and sense of responsibility.