Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism-2

Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism-2This book is the second volume of the Emerald Hills of the Heart series, which brings out a comprehensive and unique examination of concepts and terms associated with sufism in Islam. In this volume, Gulen looks at fifty different concepts. With an introduction on the heart and some of its dynamics, this work is a rich addition with more gates into spirituality. Concepts examined include freedom, altruism, wisdom, sainthood, intoxication and sobriety, wakefullness and the universal man..

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Title Author
Chila (Suffering) Fethullah Gülen
Mujahada (Striving) Fethullah Gülen
Baqa Bi'llah (Subsistence with God) Fethullah Gülen
Fasl and Wasl (Parting and Reunion) Fethullah Gülen
Sayr u Suluk (Journeying and Initiation) Fethullah Gülen
A distance of two bows' length Fethullah Gülen
Another Way of Journeying and Initiation Fethullah Gülen
Yaqada (Wakefulness) Fethullah Gülen
Farq (Distinguishing) Fethullah Gülen
Jam' (Absorption) Fethullah Gülen