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Recent ArticlesWith their vision, faith, and deeds, people of heart are integrated heroes of spirituality. Their profundity relies not on their knowledge or acquisitions, but on the richness of their hearts, the pureness of their souls and their closeness to God. They believe that the principles presented to humanity in the name of knowledge are valuable only if they lead humanity to the truth. Similarly, they regard information, and especially abstract knowledge that has no practical uses, as being insignificant, as they do not assist human beings to understand the reality of the creatures, the matter and human beings themselves.

Recent articles are those published in various Turkish magazines in previous years/months.

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Islam and reactionary movements Fethullah Gülen
A new existence Fethullah Gülen
Building a society of noble ideals Fethullah Gülen
Defraud and corruption Fethullah Gülen
The predicament of ignorance Fethullah Gülen
Faithfulness Fethullah Gülen
Holy Days Fethullah Gülen
Forlorn Ones Fethullah Gülen
Happiness and virtue: A prophetic example Fethullah Gülen
The enigma of time Fethullah Gülen