Questions and Answers

Questions and AnswersIn this book Fethullah Gülen, sensitive to the real questions people have - the questions given rise to by the modern age - has tried, through patient argument, to answer people's doubts and questions.

Islam, probably the most misunderstood religion in the world, is among the hot reading topics for people all over the world. Questions and Answers about Islam Vol. 1 and 2 have been prepared to provide first-hand information from one of the most leading Islamic scholars of our time.

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What About the Angel of Death? Fethullah Gülen
What Do We Feel At the Time of Death? Fethullah Gülen
Should We Fear Death? Fethullah Gülen
The Happens to the Spirit in the Intermediate World? Fethullah Gülen
Why does one creature's life depend on the death of another? Fethullah Gülen
Is Reincarnation Compatible With Islam? Fethullah Gülen
What Are the Differences Between the Islamic and the Modern Scientific Points of View On Knowledge ('ilm)? How Does The Qur'an Regard "Knowledge"? Fethullah Gülen
You say that Islam is a religion of unity, but we see differences - sometimes major differences - even among the companions. Why is this so? Fethullah Gülen
How Should We React to the Evil Thoughts and Desires Whispered by Satan? Fethullah Gülen
Is There an Islamic Code of Conduct Concerning Way of Dressing? Fethullah Gülen