Questions and Answers

Questions and AnswersIn this book Fethullah Gülen, sensitive to the real questions people have - the questions given rise to by the modern age - has tried, through patient argument, to answer people's doubts and questions.

Islam, probably the most misunderstood religion in the world, is among the hot reading topics for people all over the world. Questions and Answers about Islam Vol. 1 and 2 have been prepared to provide first-hand information from one of the most leading Islamic scholars of our time.

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As God Already Gives His Blessings and Peace to Prophet Muhammad, What is the Wisdom in Our Invoking God's Blessings and Peace Upon Him? Does He Need Our Invocations? Fethullah Gülen
What Should be Our Attitude Against Ideas Like Positivism and Rationalism Which are Accepted as The Sources of Information in The West? To What Degree do they Reflect the Truth? Fethullah Gülen
How Would You Describe the Moral Transformation of the Prophet’s Companions After the Advent of Islam? Fethullah Gülen
Women's Rights? Fethullah Gülen
Desire to Emulate, Envy, and Hastening to do Good As If Competing with One Another Fethullah Gülen
Self-Confidence Fethullah Gülen
Who are the People the Qur’anic Verses 2:18 and 2:171 Refer to? Fethullah Gülen
Desire to Retreat Fethullah Gülen
Reproaching Our Fellow-travelers Fethullah Gülen
Divine support and ensuring its continuation Fethullah Gülen