The Messenger of God: Muhammad

The Messenger of God: MuhammadThe Life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has been a topic for many books and studies. Gülen's approach to the life of Rasulullah, "the pride of humanity." is not cronical biography. It differs from other books on the Prophet in the sense that Gülen assumes a psychological and sociological analysis on the various aspects of the Prophet's life portraying him as a compassionate father, a profound spiritual leader, a wise statemen, a courageous commander, a loving husband, a most reliable and trustworthy person.

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The Sunna and Its Place in Islamic Legislation Fethullah Gülen
Early Military Expeditions Fethullah Gülen
The Battle of Uhud Fethullah Gülen
The Battle of the Trench Fethullah Gülen
Toward the Conquest of Makka Fethullah Gülen
The Conquest of Makka and Its Aftermath Fethullah Gülen
A General Evaluation of His Military Achievements Fethullah Gülen
His Wisdom Fethullah Gülen
Ending Racism Fethullah Gülen
The Last Word Fethullah Gülen