Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism-4

Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism-4 Sufism is a path that demands active participation in spiritual growth and development. Introducing and describing the various stages of the Sufi path, Emerald Hills of the Heart: Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism presents a reliable metaphysical roadmap for the Sufi or Islamic spiritual life.

The spiritual journey or progression is virtually infinite, and is comprised of as many stages and ranks as there are believers, from the most honorable of all creation, Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, to the most ordinary Muslim. The spiritual path contains various distinguishing subtle characteristics or particularities that can only be comprehended by those with the ability to brave these rough terrains. Emerald Hills of the Heart is able to evaluate these characteristics both within the boundaries and limits of the Islamic measures and the enormous profundity and infinity of spiritual life; this is done within a conceptual framework.

This comprehensive four-volume series helps to establish the boundaries of the spiritual path so that spiritual life can advance on the basis of Islamic principles without causing or suffering from any digressions; at the same time this path is illuminated by the floodlights that have been placed at every stage and station. While delineating the boundaries, Emerald Hills of the Heart concurrently destroys any limits that have been imposed on the spiritual journey.

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Al-Baytu’l-Ma‘mur (The Prosperous House) Fethullah Gülen
Lawhun Mahfuz (The Supreme Preserved Tablet) and What Lies Before Fethullah Gülen
The All-Beautiful Names of God Fethullah Gülen
Putting an end to a long journey Fethullah Gülen
(Ta‘ayyunat) Identifications and What Lies Before Fethullah Gülen
God’s Attributes of Glory Fethullah Gülen