Peaceful Coexistence

Fethullah Gülen

A conference entitled "International Conference on Peaceful Coexistence: Fethullah Gülen's Initiatives for Peace in the Contemporary World" was held at Erasmus University of Rotterdam on 22-23 November 2007. Below are full texts of the conference papers. A .pdf version of the papers as a whole can be found at conference web site.

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Title Author
Intersections of Ways Towards Tolerance and Coexistence: From Daoism and Sufism to Kant and Gülen Richard K. Khuri
Turning From Doom-Laden Soothsayings to Mutual Communication and Wisdom (Ta'Aruf) Sevket Yavuz, Davut Aydüz
"The Light of Tolerance"— Between Rabbi Abraham Kook and Hoja Efendi Fethullah Gülen Efrat E. Aviv
A Wider Role for the Gülen Movement Consistent With the Place of the Qur'an And Islam in the Evolution of Religious Understanding: A Fundamental Theological Reassessment Ian Fry
Opening the Road to Dialogue: An Amalgamation of Gülen's and Spinoza's Ideas on Tolerance and Dialogue Applied to The Situation of Muslims in the Netherlands Kate Kirk, Gürkan Çelik
Beyond East and West: Fethullah Gülen and 'Border' Thinking Klas Grinell
Dialogue as a Source for Peaceful Co-existence Between Muslim and Orthodox Christians in a Secular State Karina V. Korostelina
The Relevance of Fethullah Gülen's Thoughts for Democratic Reforms in the Muslim World Leonid R. Sykiainen
Social Innovation for Peaceful Coexistence: Intercultural Activism From Rumi to Gülen Ihsan Yilmaz
Rational Religion: Gülen's Middle Way Howard Wettstein