Gülen Conference in Melbourne

Fethullah Gülen

A conference entitled "From Dialogue to Collaboration: The Vision of Fethullah Gülen and Muslim-Christian Relations" was held on 15-16 July 2009 at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. Below are the full texts of the conference papers.

Adobe's pdf versions of the papers as a whole can be found at conference web site as well as at the end of articles.

Display #
Title Author
Where to Now? Ways Forward for Interreligious Dialogue: Images of Abraham As Models of Interreligious Encounter Thomas Michel, S.J.
Muslim-Christian Relations: Reinventing the Common Ground to Sustain a Peaceful Coexistence in the Global Era M. Amin Abdullah
The Gülen Movement: Past and Present Abdullah Aymaz
Secularisation: A Matter of Common Interest and Concern for Muslims and Christians Neil Ormerod
Muslims, Catholics and the Common Purpose of Justice and Peace Kath Engebretson
Opening Message to the Melbourne Conference in Australia Sir James Gobbo
Institutionalizing of Muslim-Christian Dialogue: Nostra Aetate and Fethullah Gülen's Vision Salih Yücel
Principles of Dialogue in Fethullah Gülen's Thought Züleyha Keskin