Peace and dialogue in a plural society

In a world that is too often seen as a “clash of civilizations,” some believe there is another way—a path that involves engagement, dialogue, and respect. In Thomas Michel’s new book, Peace and Dialogue in a Plural Society, he explores how Fethullah Gülen is one of those speaking most vocally in favor of a world community, where different faiths and nations can come together at one table to solve the multitude of problems facing today’s world. Exploring the spiritual roots of Fethullah Gülen and the Hizmet Movement, as well as drawing parallels between his own work as a Catholic priest, Michel shows how Hizmet has helped build a blueprint for intercultural communication in a time when too many voices are trying to stoke the fires of discord. Through education, dialogue, and a respect for basic human dignity, Michel finds a foundation in Gülen’s faith and Hizmet’s service upon which a healthy, diverse society can be built.

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A Sufi-type spirituality for modern societies Thomas Michel
Following in the footsteps of Rumi Thomas Michel
Peace and dialogue in a plural society: Common values and responsibilities Thomas Michel
Two frontrunners for peace: John Paul II and Fethullah Gülen Thomas Michel
Love and truth in democratic societies: Fethullah Gülen and Pope Benedict XVI on social questions Thomas Michel
Fethullah Gülen as educator Thomas Michel
Fethullah Gülen’s pedagogy and the challenges for modern educators Thomas Michel
The wing of the bird: Fethullah Gülen on sincerity Thomas Michel
Introducing the Hizmet Movement Thomas Michel
Identifying our partners in dialogue Thomas Michel
Fethullah Gülen and his Movement: Friends or foes? Thomas Michel
The Hizmet community and the Jesuits: Some points of comparison Thomas Michel
The Hizmet Movement: Its contribution at a time of global tensions Thomas Michel