How do the service networks of the Gülen Movement diffuse themes and experience, and organize circulation of volunteers?

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Any service-network may initiate a project or brainstorm around a particular theme.

Different service-networks set up committees to study the feasibility of projects without referring to any formal or centralized authority. If a project proves successful, this fact is broadcast or circulated by volunteers, associates in the media or sympathizers in the periphery. The professionalized staffs at other SMOs may then take up issues and take them further. In this way, each SMO represents the collective purpose, but no single SMO can or does claim to be recognized as representing the Gülen Movement’s collective interests as a whole.

This collaborative framework tends to result in a diffusion of themes and experience, and circulation of volunteers and expertise. It is commitment to a rich and supportive culture, which keeps the SMOs of the Movement viable and continuing.