If Fethullah Gülen refuses any charismatization and declines any authority over the Gülen Movement, what form exactly does his leadership take?

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Fethullah Gülen is best described as a servant leader. The qualities that characterize him as a servant leader are:

  • self-awareness or awareness of his personal responsibility;
  • assumption of a primary commitment to serving the needs of others;
  • dedication of his life to solving social problems;
  • passionate activism;
  • being always upright, truthful, trustworthy and just;
  • dialogue competencies, communication skills and being an empathetic listener;
  • seeking to convince others rather than coercing compliance;
  • effectiveness at building consensus within groups;
  • promoting a sincere dialogue among cultures, religions and civilizations;
  • profound appreciation of the Islamic sciences and contemporary-modern thought;
  • ability to understand lessons from the past without ignoring the realities of the present;
  • ability to evaluate the past, present, and future to reach a new synthesis;
  • stretching his thinking to encompass broader-based conceptual thinking;
  • seeking a delicate balance between conceptual thinking and a day-to-day operational approach;
  • being goal-centered and project-oriented;
  • doing everything in his power to nurture the spiritual, personal and professional growth of all people within his community;
  • and building a community based on the principles of servant leadership.