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How the rule of law has been dismantled Şahin Alpay, Today's Zaman
Muslims, we have to critically review our understanding of Islam Fethullah Gülen, Le Monde
Paris attacks, New Turkey and oppressing Hizmet Şerafettin Pektaş, Today's Zaman
Legal action against Gülen in the US: A golden opportunity for Gülen Emre Uslu, Today's Zaman
The Hizmet movement, social democracy, the religious left İhsan Yılmaz, Today's Zaman
Hizmet and countering violent extremism İhsan Yılmaz, Today's Zaman
Turkish Islamists out to kill interfaith dialogue Abdullah Bozkurt, Today's Zaman
Enemy at the gate Sevgi Akarçeşme, Today's Zaman
O Muslims, you are late Ekrem Dumanlı, Today's Zaman
Fethullah Gülen’s photo Ekrem Dumanlı, Today's Zaman