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Fethullah Gulen: Islam is Compatible with Democracy, Despite Turkey’s Recent Example 02 March 2019 Fethullah Gülen
Muslims have a unique responsibility in fighting terror 08 June 2017 Fethullah Gülen
The Gülen community - who to believe – politicians or actions? 06 June 2017 Thomas Michel
What Trump should say in his toughest meeting yet with a foreign leader 14 May 2017 Editorial Board, Washington Post
The Turkey I no longer know 15 May 2017 Fethullah Gulen, Washington Post
It’s clear that deportation of three Turks is to please Turkey’s president 12 May 2017 P Ramasamy, Free Malaysia Today
A theology of dialogue 01 May 2017 Al Strong
Will the United States speak out against Turkey’s spiral downward? 14 March 2017 The Washington Post Editorial Board
Book review: Peace and Dialogue in a Plural Society 25 February 2017 Justin Pahl
What on Earth has gone so wrong in Turkey? 25 February 2017 Greg Barton
Deporting Fethullah Gülen would undercut NATO 23 February 2017 Michael Rubin
Letter: Cleric not linked to Turkish coup 22 February 2017 Daniel Del’Re
Top three reasons why Turkey’s President Erdogan is obsessed with Fethullah Gulen 20 February 2017 Yuksel Alp Aslandogan
Myths and mysteries: Six months on from Turkey’s curious coup 26 January 2017 Gareth H. Jenkins
My meeting with Fethullah Gülen, the man accused of plotting Turkey’s coup 16 January 2017 Reuven Firestone
Talking with the “Religious Terrorist” that Turkey wants Trump to extradite 12 January 2017 Mark Juergensmeyer
Turkey cooks its books, revealing Erdogan's descent into paranoia 15 December 2016 David Rosenberg, Haaretz
The Turkish connection 19 November 2016 Pakistan Today, Editorial Board
Understanding the Hizmet Movement in Nigeria 07 November 2016 Joshua Ocheja, The Cable
Erdoğan prepares for a bloodbath 01 November 2016 Michael Rubin, AEI
Twelve questions Turkey’s journalists can’t ask 25 October 2016 Michael Rubin, AEI
Turkey’s Erdogan and unending human rights repression 27 October 2016 Usman Dikko, Daily Trust
Why Fethullah Gulen should not be extradited? 18 October 2016 Roman Nikolaev, MEO
Why is Turkey targeting Hizmet? Questions about Erdoğan’s post-coup crackdown 06 October 2016 Thomas Michel
The next phase in Turkey’s political violence? 12 October 2016 Michael Rubin, AEI