Apology for ‘piece of paper’ remark

by Ekrem Dumanli, Today's Zaman on . Posted in Columns

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We have witnessed a number of discussions since the Taraf daily revealed a plan targeting the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Gülen movement. Some have rejected this paper since the beginning. They ignored the signature on it and overlooked other documents that confirmed its authenticity.

Back then, former Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ referred to the plan as “a piece of paper.” And some papers even published columns that targeted the Zaman and Star dailies. They are well aware of what they have done. And the military prosecutor's office also attempted to exonerate the suspects without even seeing the document. Some of our colleagues relied on this decision by the military prosecutor to portray us as enemies of the army and military.

Recently, Gen. Hifzi Çubuklu, advisor to the General Staff on judicial affairs, made an interesting confession. “The remark that it was a piece of paper was unfortunate. I do not agree with this statement,” he said. This statement is in a way an apology. By this it has become evident that the previous propaganda did not work.

Çubuklu apologized for the anti-AKP and Gülen plan. But don't those who unanimously referred to the document and plan as a piece of paper owe the people an apology?