Does not your heart and conscience hurt?

by Ekrem Dumanli, Today's Zaman on . Posted in Columns

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Every coup consists of three stages: 1- laying the groundwork for a coup, 2- taking over power in the country, 3- creation of a despotic system and despotic rule after the coup.

Those who have a conscience and a heart have to admit that all these three stages are horrible crimes because a coup committed without them. The psychological warfare carried out during the preliminary stage brings the individual to a point of saying "Enough is enough; we are ready to accept any administration including the one by the military," and this is used to justify antidemocratic solutions. Initiatives like the Internet motion, anti-Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and Gülen plans and the legal case filed for the dissolution of the AK Party are products of this preliminary stage. Back then, reports by propaganda websites set up by military officers to conduct an online campaign against the government made mentions of thousands of "houses converted to churches." They provoked the youth by claiming the land for these churches was sold to the Israelis, that real estate was being bought by foreigners and pointed to the growing impact of the missionary studies. Unfortunately, they were successful in their efforts.

The coup makers have never staged a coup without waiting for the proper conditions (including postmodern Feb. 28 coup and the April 27 memo).

Every coup is a crime against humanity regardless of whether it is justified by imperatives. Law is suspended, tortures are committed; people are executed and many unidentified murders are perpetrated. The painful incidents before the coup do not justify the brutalities committed during the coup period.

If you read the details in the Sept. 12 indictment, you will be burst into tears. Sometimes, you will be ashamed and you will feel embarrassed. And once more, you will see that no coup is justifiable and that its perpetrators should be held accountable.