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Title Created Date Author
On Tolerance 04 August 2009 Ali Bulaç, Today's Zaman
Springtime Ahead for Turkey 06 August 2009 Hüseyin Gülerce, Today's Zaman
We Made Gülen's Ears Ring 02 September 2009 Nazli Ilicak, Sabah
Can I be Your Baggage? 07 September 2009 Abdullah Aymaz, The Fountain
The Writers and Journalists Foundation Iftar 15 September 2009 Kerim Balci, Today's Zaman
Kurds & Journalists, Real & Symbolic 01 October 2009 Muhammed Çetin, Today's Zaman
The Mind's Best Fruit 01 October 2009 Abbas Husain,
Talking About Islamic NGOs with the Japanese 11 October 2009 İhsan Yilmaz, Sunday's Zaman
A Color-blind Tanzanian 28 October 2009 Bülent Keneş, Today's Zaman
Melting-Pot Dinner Achieves Kinship Amid Diversity 05 November 2009 Jane Ann Morrison, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Hypocrisy in Languages: Criticizing Fethullah Gülen, English or Turkish? 10 November 2009 Abdulhamid Türker, Today's Zaman
Testing Times for Muslims, Americans and Believers the World Over 11 November 2009 Muhammed Çetin, Today's Zaman
Honoring Our Parents 15 November 2009 Fatih Harpçi, The Fountain Magazine
Turkish Delight 18 November 2009 Eva Arnott,
Impressions from The Gülen Conference in Los Angeles 11 December 2009 Zeki Saritoprak, Today's Zaman
East and West Encounters: The Gülen Movement or "Hizmet" 13 December 2009 Muhammed Çetin, Sunday's Zaman
Fethullah Gülen's Grand Ambition: An Example of Biased, Misleading, Mispresented and Miscalculated Article 28 January 2010 Doğan Koç, Fethullah Gülen Forum
The Operation and Its Actors 02 March 2010 Ali Bulaç, Today's Zaman
The Crisis in Turkey? 03 March 2010 John L. Esposito
What's Really Behind Foreign Policy's Coup 'Argument'? 04 March 2010 Emre Uslu, Today's Zaman
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Fethullah Gülen 17 March 2010 Mustafa Akyol, HDN
Growing Pains of Turkish Democracy 22 March 2010 Aydoğan Vatandaş, Today''s Zaman
Çağaptay’s Latest: Ill-informed, Ill-intentioned 27 March 2010 Dr. İhsan Yilmaz, Today's Zaman
They Won't Believe 20 April 2010 Ahmet Kurucan, Today's Zaman
Fethullah Gülen Sends Condolences to Martyrs, Criticizes Method 05 June 2010 Abdülhamit Bilici, Today's Zaman