Fethullah Gülen's Response to the Sep 11 Terrorist Attack on US

by Fethullah Gülen on . Posted in Messages

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I would like to stress that any terrorist activity, no matter who does it and for what purpose, is the greatest blow to peace, democracy and humanity. For this reason terrorist activities can by no means be approved of. Terror cannot be a means for independence, nor can it be applied to a struggle for salvation. It costs, most of all, the lives of innocent people.

It may seem at first sight that a terrorist activity has accomplished its goal and injured its target. In reality the result will be the destruction of the terrorist himself. This latest terrorist activity is the most bloody and condemnable. It is an act of sabotage against not only the United States of America, but also against world peace and universal democratic and humanistic values. Those who committed these acts cannot be but the most brutal of all in the world.

Please let me assure you that Islam never approves of any kind of terrorism. Terrorism cannot be a means for any Islamic goal, and a terrorist cannot be a Muslim, nor can a true Muslim be a terrorist. Islam orders peace and a true Muslim can only be a symbol of peace and the maintenance of basic human rights. If there are nine criminals and only one innocent person on a ship, in order to punish the criminals, Islam does not permit the sinking of that ship because of the innocent person. Any right is respected in Islam and it cannot be violated. The right of an individual cannot be violated for the interest of the community. The Qur'an, Islam's sacred Book, declares that one who takes a life unjustly is as if he/she took the lives of the whole humankind, and one who saves a life is as if he/she saved the lives of all. Also, our Prophet Muhammad says that a Muslim is one who does no harm with either his/her tongue or hand.

I strongly condemn the last terrorist attack in the United States. It only deserves condemnation and hatred, and it must be condemned by all in the world.

I assure the American people that I pray to God Almighty for the victims and feel from the bottom of my heart the pain of them all. May God equip them with patience.