Fethullah Gülen Offers Condolences to the Pakistan Quake Victims

by Fethullah Gülen on . Posted in Messages

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I am deeply saddened by the news about the earthquake in Pakistan, a sister country with which we have shared a common history, religion, and culture. We are deeply aware of the wounds that have fallen on our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, and grieve with them for their loss. I pray for mercy and forgiveness from God Almighty for those who were killed in this catastrophe; I pray for forbearance for those who have lost a loved one and I pray for healing for the wounded.

The Turkish nation has always been on the side of compassion and mercy, and we have always stood by those who have been injured. I have faith and hope that the children of Anatolia will undertake the task that falls upon them in such a situation in a way that is becoming to their nature.

Fethullah Gülen