Dialogue of Cultures: An Opportunity for Europe II

by Fethullah Gülen on . Posted in Messages

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Fethullah Gülen sent a message to the symposium entitled "Dialogue of Cultures: An Opportunity for Europe II" that was held in Berlin, Germany on December 1. 2006. The following is the full text of this message:

Dear representatives of Forum für interkulturellen Dialog and Haupt für den Ausbau der Infrastrukturen in den Neuen Bundesländern, the respected members of the organizing committee, and the eminent academics, scholars, and speakers who are in attendance here today.

On behalf of knowledge and learning and speaking for humanity, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the organizing committee of this conference, "Dialogue of Cultures: An Opportunity for Europe II" and all the participants for their contributions to exploring an issue that is much related to all of humanity today.

I am truly sorry that I am not able to participate in such a distinguished assembly due to present health conditions.

Collective thought and will are not possible in a society in which individuals do not treat one another with tolerance. I believe that "dialogue" and "respect for everyone in their position" are the strongest shelters against any conflicts that arise from dissension, differences, or difficulties in agreement. Such obstacles are likely to intrude at every corner we turn on our path to a future; I firmly believe that all efforts directed toward dialogue deserve appreciation.

Efforts devoted to building a happy world united around universal values and establishing "isles of peace" in furtherance of this purpose inspire me with hope for a future in which different cultures and civilizations will meet and be reconciled.

We are going through a period of extensive changes that influence societies worldwide. I hope the efforts of today will develop for a future where the gap between the rich and the poor has been narrowed down, where world resources are shared fairly while labor, capital, and needs are observed, where no discrimination based on race, color, or worldview is tolerated, where basic human rights and freedoms are protected, and the "individual" is given greater consideration.

I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the organization of this important symposium at such a time when humanity needs mercy, compassion, and understanding more then ever. I wish success to all the participants and I offer them my warmest greetings and deepest respect.