Fethullah Gülen Condemns Terrorism

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Turkish scholar Fethullah Gülen made an announcement regarding the vicious terrorist attack that struck Turkey.

Gülen's statement reads "Terrorist activities regardless of who the perpetrators are or wherever they come from at the most evil blow to peace. Terrorist actions cannot be forgiven it does not matter for what motive it is conducted. Terror can never succeed. What's more, terror kills many innocent people. Although it seems that the victims of terrorist activities during the five decades of our short history are the only ones affected by the actions, the ultimate destruction will be that of the terrorists. For this reason, wherever the terrorist action takes place it is an atrocious act of sabotage deliberated against peace. This could be done by evil spirits which do not have any humane characteristics. I condemn terror which is the root of disquiet, fratricidal quarrel and separations. May God have mercy on the souls of the victims who lost their lives in Güngoren in Istanbul, and May God give their relatives and the Turkish nation patience."