Transcript of Fethullah Gulen’s video message regarding the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov

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First, we have always condemned terrorism. In this regard, I reiterate that I sincerely condemn the act of terror against the Russian Ambassador. I condemn it.

Secondly, this person (Russian Ambassador) had sympathy for Hizmet activities in Russia. I heard from my friends that he attended their activities and talked favorably. In this regard, I repeat my condemnation again. I send my deepest condolences to all Russian people, especially to their leaders. I hope they will see and assess this matter likewise.

This assassin, the bloody assassin was with them. He was assigned as a security guard for Mr. (Turkish) President at different times, about ten times as it was mentioned in the media. A person this close to them, and as he claims he is from Al-Nusra, it is obvious that he has nothing to do with the movement in the past and the present.

In addition, he was hired in 2014 (as a police officer). Mainly, due to purging and dismissing of (counter) terrorism experts (in the police), close surveillance of that matter was neglected. Neglecting the things that had to be carried out is a different mistake.

And to give this duty to that person, to give him the assignment of serving as an armed guard, this is either a serious case of incompetence or it is done intentionally.

Let him do it and we can blame the incident on somebody else.

If it is a manifestation of incompetence, lack of foresight, then (they might have thought) let’s blame it on those people (Hizmet movement).

Let us blame and defame them one more time, as we did in the December 2013 incident (the corruption) probe) and as in July incident (The coup attempt. Note: He actually says June, but probably that’s a slip of the tongue).

And the most dangerous possibility, in my humble opinion, as I alluded before, is that it appears that they will facilitate other assassinations and will attempt to blame them on Hizmet movement.

Perhaps the world will laugh at them and won’t believe them. The whole world will laugh at them and will not believe them.

Since Russia, who takes this incident most seriously, denies those (Turkish government’s) claims, it is not possible for them (Turkish government) to convince the world with such accusations.

I wish and hope that from now on God will not allow any such negative incidents, terrorist incidents to happen. I hope that God foils the plans of those who plan such incidents and turns their plans backwards.

Indeed they are seeking mischief (or malice).

But God will surely counter their plans and foil them.