Islam and true Muslims are against violence, anarchy and terrorism

by Fethullah Gülen on . Posted in Videos on Fethullah Gülen

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We need to convey this as best as we can: Islam is not a religion of violence or war. Even all the battles of the Prophet were defensive. We must show this to the whole world.

Declaring that you are against violence, anarchy, and terrorist organizations, is a very crucial point to show the beauty of Islam.

Today, there are hordes of terrorists.

It is extremely important to emphasize that Islam and Muslims have absolutely no connection with terrorism whatsoever.

I had clearly stated this years ago: "A Muslim cannot be a terrorist; a terrorist cannot be a Muslim!" Absolutely not!

Perhaps I said these when the World Trade Center had been attacked, and I have repeated the same principle many times later.

Islam's glorious name, the sacred legacy of the Beloved Prophet, the holy message of God Almighty and our efforts to make this message the soul of our lives mustn't be tarnished by such horrendous acts.