Security and Muslims

There is also a play on words in this expression. The word Muslim and the verb selime both come from the root silm. Due to the similarity between some of the letters, this is a partial play on words. However the modes of these two words are separate. This similarity and dissimilarity reminds us of another meaning: For Muslims, every matter takes place in line with silm (security), selamet (safety), and Muslimness. They have been seized by such a divine attraction that all of their actions take place around this powerful center.

They greets everyone with salaam, thereby placing love for themselves in everyone's heart. (Bukhari, Sahih, "Iman," 20; Muslim, Sahih, "Iman," 63) They end their prayers with salaam. All people, jinn, angels, and conscious creatures receive their salaam. They exchanges greetings with invisible creatures. Until now no one has spread this act of giving salaam as much as the Muslims. Islam is entered and secured by performing such principal duties as fasting, giving alms, performing hajj, and making the profession of faith. This means opening your sail in the sea of safety and security by obeying the command: Enter safety wholly (2:208). Those who throw themselves into that sea emanate safety and Islam under every condition. No one sees anything but goodness in the actions and behavior of such people.

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