Democracy is an Irreversible Process

Turkey has a unique place among other Muslim countries. As a Muslim nation believing in democracy, is Turkey going to be the only synthesis in the region that makes Islam compatible with democracy?

Democracy is still incomplete in Turkey. For example, I wish that in addition to securing certain rights in this world, democracy also would solve problems related to my life beyond the grave. That is, it should be more humane and inclusive.

Democracy is undergoing a process of development. It's a process of no return that must develop and mature. I don't know how true Darwin's theory of evolution is, but we undoubtedly experience an evolution of thought in our spirit. As a result, democracy will one day attain a very high level. But we have to wait for time's interpretation. We have to respect time. The irritability of impatient people shouldn't be incited. In Turkey, both sides are impatient. Turkey is also in a process of proving itself. It's not always right to tell every truth. Truths should be given to society, but if the season is not proper, let's not destroy those truths. July 20-29, 1997

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