Love is one of today's most talked about and most needed issues. Actually love is a rose in our belief and a realm of the heart that never withers. Before everything else, just as God wove the universe like lace on the loom of love, in the bosom of existence the most magical and charming music is always love. The strongest relationship among individuals in the family, society, and nation is that of love. Universal love shows itself throughout the existence of the cosmos through help and support for each particle.

This is so true that the most dominant factor in the spirit of existence is love. As an individual of the universal chorus, almost every creature behaves and performs with its own style the magical tune it has received from God in a love melody. However, this exchange of love from existence to humanity, and from one creature to another, takes place in a subconscious way, because Divine Will and Divine willing completely dominate creatures that have no will. From this perspective, people consciously participate in this symphony of love in existence, and developing the love in their true nature, they investigate the ways to demonstrate it in a human way. Therefore, without neglecting the love in their spirit and for the sake of the love in their own nature, every person should offer real help and support to others. They should protect the general harmony that has been put in their spirit, or in respect to the love that has been put into the spirit of existence as a natural law.

Humanism is a manifestation of love that is spoken about recklessly today, and it is adapted easily here and there. Some circles try to impose an abstract and unbalanced understanding of humanism by confusing people about Islam and awakening suspicion in their hearts. It should be difficult to say "have pity" on those who are involved in anarchy and terrorism. It should be difficult to reconcile with humanism the strange behavior of those who murder innocent people or, even more horrible, those who put some supposedly religious people in their forefront and, without even glancing at the people's tears, stand by and watch.

Every believer should follow the Prophet in communicating the truth. They should never give up conveying people the principles of happiness in both worlds. The Companions, who as a community were a living example of the truth the Prophet embodied, became examples of moderation and balance in love.

Some remarkable people from the fortunate generation that followed the Companions immediately would go to the Caliph if they accidentally stepped on a grasshopper to learn what their punishment would be. When we look at the surface of our mosques and minarets that radiate light, we see tiny nests made for the birds, expressions of the depth of our ancestors' love. Our glorious history is woven full of such tremendously humane behavior for protecting animals as well as human beings.

In the framework of Islam's universal principles, the consideration and idea of love is very balanced. Oppressors and aggressors are denied this love, because just as love and mercy shown to oppressors makes them more aggressive, it also encourages them to violate the rights of others. For this reason, mercy should not be shown to people who threaten universal love. Mercy shown to an oppressor is the most merciless act towards the oppressed. The Prophet said: "Help your brother whether he's an oppressor or victim. You can help an oppressor if he stops oppressing (others)." It is possible to show mercy to a tyrant if he stops acting unjustly. S. Camci, Dr K. Unal, Hosgorü ve Diyalog Iklimi, Merkur Yayinlari, Izmir, 1999, 218–22

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