In the Qur'an, the Individual is a "Species" Itself

We shouldn't fear or feel anxiety about individuals, their development, or their motivating other individuals, for the Qur'an sees each individual as a type as compared to other types. The important thing is the source of the emotions and thoughts that nurture them. When individuals attain a certain way of thinking and understanding and reach a certain horizon, they'll comprehend that it's necessary to live a social life. Developed persons will feel the need to be with others, understand that they shouldn't be alone, and that they shouldn't harm other social segments or individuals.

Those individuals educated along these lines, who don't use their rights and freedoms to harm others but to consciously choose others' interests above their own, should be allowed to develop individually. Otherwise, there will be constant judgment and condemnation, oppression and being oppressed, cruelty and victims of cruelty. This is one dimension of the tragic tableau in Turkey today. July 20-29, 1997

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