1. The Prophet did not claim kingship, and his four immediate political successors followed his example. Kingship appeared when people grew remote from the Islamic spirit. Eventually this digression became a vehicle for oppression and despotism.

2. Based on true freedom and justice, a true republic is an elevated and safe form of rule. However, it is also an extremely tender system. If this aspect is not considered properly, atheism and anarchy will appear and grow in its heart.

3. A true republic is a form of rule by elevated spirits and is the most suitable for humanity's honor. Immature spirits and those with no understanding of the ways to human perfection consider it a mirage, a temporary bower that offers no shelter.

4. The republic can be the mother or governess of freedom, for it nurtures and raises generations in love with freedom. It is a government of freedom, virtue, and morality, not a rule of "loose" freedom.

5. The republic provides a foundation that elevates us with uplifting values. Later it leaves us alone with our elevated morality and alert conscience. Finally recognizing ourselves as human beings with will power, we always think good and virtuous thoughts and follow high human values at home and work.

6. As our spirit, which has an innate desire for freedom, rejects all forms of domination, it reacts to any limits to be placed on its freedom of thought, behavior, and expression. For this reason, while a republican government allows individuals broad rights and freedoms, it must educate them as people of elevated morality and virtue, and sound thinking and strong will.

7. The republic is obligated to protect its citizens' religious faith, feelings, and thoughts. If its leaders do not do so, but rather hold people in contempt because of their religious feelings and thoughts, violate their rights, and smear their good names, in reality they are holding the republic in contempt and violating all that it represents.

8. The republic needs people who identify fully with its principles. Its governing body should be dignified and wise, and its works should be fair and just. Criteria or Lights of the Way, Izmir 1990, Vol.3, pp. 32-36

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