Science and Knowledge

1. Science and technology are beneficial to the degree that they guarantee happiness and help us attain true humanity. If they are developed to harm humanity, they become devils that block our road.

2. At the beginning of the twentieth century, some short-sighted materialists made science into an idol and sacrificed everything to it. However, the most famous scientist of the century [Albert Einstein] criticized this tendency in a pleasant way by saying: "Science without religion is blind; religion without science is lame." What would they have said if they saw those of today who are both blind and lame?!

3. Claiming that the positive sciences have no value is ignorance and bigotry, and rejecting everything else outside their field is crude fanaticism. Realizing that there is still much to be learned signifies true scientific mentality sound thinking.

4. All of us are travelers, and the worlds are multicolored exhibitions and rich and colorful books. We were sent to study these books, increase our spiritual knowledge, and uplift others. This colorful and pleasurable journey is a one-time event. For those whose feelings are alert and whose hearts are awake, this journey is more than enough to establish a Paradise-like garden. But for those whose eyes are covered, it is as if they have lived but one breath.

5. Those who profoundly think about and evaluate nature and the laws of life will see the coquetry of eternal beauty in everything. They hear the consecration of Infinite Power in every sound from flowers' shining colors to swaying tree branches, from frightening thunderclaps to sparrows' harmonious songs. Such people see the traces and works of a Divine source manifested in such phenomena and laws as light and heat, attraction and chemical reaction, and the directing of animate beings. Criteria or Lights of the Way, Izmir, 1998, Vol.2, (12th edition), pp. 89-91

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