By what means does the Gülen Movement influence the lives of individuals, the community and society?

Fethullah Gülen

The private initiatives and competitiveness which the Gülen Movement encourages in support of public and philanthropic services are all based on free choice. They are grounded on voluntary participation and occur simultaneously at several levels of the social space and system. The Gülen Movement has assumed a bottom–up approach to transforming individuals through education, communication and co-operation, rather than the top–down approach that is typical of a government, state or regime which is attempting to bring about a change.

So the Gülen Movement has not mobilized to claim a different distribution of roles, rewards and resources, nor clashed with the authorities and power. Participants are not using educational and intercultural efforts as instruments to push the limits of the system. They wish, while holding on to their identity and moral values, to be a modern partner and contributor to the European and wider global community.

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