Does all this shared work by participants in the Gülen Movement make them a rather exclusive group?

In fact, people can participate in the service-projects and institutions of the Gülen Movement at various levels of commitment and with different degrees of involvement. To be sure, a shared identity characterizes the Gülen Movement as a whole. But different levels of affiliation of participants and non-participants with the service-projects and SMOs make the identity of the Gülen Movement open and inclusive.

Networking, participation and affiliation within the Gülen Movement are not alienating or sectarian because the Gülen Movement is open to the outside world, and it does not have or seek a totalitarian organizational structure but instead has and seeks compatibility with other collective actors and civil society bodies. Hizmet is not restricted to a certain time and place (or territory). However, this inclusiveness has no negative effect on the homogeneity or effectiveness of the service-projects.

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