Does the choice of projects ever cause internal conflict in the Gülen Movement?

Fethullah Gülen

Conflicts can also arise in a movement because of lack of internal communications and co-operation, lack of fairness in distribution of resources and incentives; deprivation of certain individuals; the imposition of unrealistic, unpromising or obsolete perspectives or projects; and because of increased personal or collective risks.

In the Gülen Movement, however, participants belong to many social networks as well as taking part in particular service-projects. Also, participants have access to mass communication about the activities and values of the Movement through the media and press organs. The Gülen Movement, therefore, does not lack resources for communication. It does not lack opportunities to pursue different but complementary strategies. It is able to provide its participants with new explanations or perspectives for any emergent realities.

The localization of projects and collective decision making prevent feelings of unfairness about resources and incentives, thwart the imposition of unrealistic or obsolete projects, and avert any potential risk taking. For all these reasons, internal conflicts become unlikely in the Gülen Movement.

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