Does the Gülen Movement have an umbrella organization to co-ordinate a coalition of various institutions?

No, action is not coordinated in that way. Instead, the grassroots participate in the formation of the Movement's culture and contribute to the concrete management of its action by exercising control, by co-ordinating, and by utilizing the information broadcast through the media outlets.

Different initiatives may overlap and different individuals may fulfill a number of functions at the same time because they belong to several different and inclusive networks. In most cases, these individuals (rather than institutions) act as informal intermediaries in various forms of inter-organizational relationships. The Gülen Movement therefore does not need to have an umbrella organization to co-ordinate or to build a coalition of various SMOs for lobbying or collecting resources.

The other factor which makes an umbrella organization or leadership unnecessary is the degree of cultural development in the Gülen Movement. Because of the high degree of cultural development, participant morale is high and so is participants’ commitment and tenacity in the face of adversity.

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