How can the Gülen Movement be autonomous without being alienated?

Fethullah Gülen

The Gülen Movement has shown that it can maintain a stable, durable self-definition over many years. Indeed it has improved its ability to resolve problems that are posed by the environment. It is becoming increasingly autonomous in its capacity for action within the network of relationships in which it is situated.

The February 28 Process also proved that the Gülen Movement has the ability to produce new definitions and meanings by integrating the past with the emerging elements and outcomes of a present situation into its stable identity. This in turn strengthens its internal cohesion and locates common ground outside itself. Therefore, while the methods and means to accomplish services may change or develop over time, the core of the identity in the Gülen Movement does not change with time and situation: it holds steady.

Furthermore, the strong support for Fethullah Gülen and the activities of the Gülen Movement (especially during the defamation period following the post-modern coup) from a very wide spectrum of politicians, statesmen, civil society organizations, and journalists corroborates the idea that the identity of the Movement is integrative rather than alienated.

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