Is Gülen developing a separate or special group?

About being or becoming a sect, Fethullah Gülen has said that he is “personally not in favor of such practice.” He says that the Gülen Movement participants “do not represent a separate and divisive group in society,” and they “are not associated with any group, nor have developed such a group.”

The Gülen Movement is different from a sect or separate group in that it operates in awareness of its commitment to the social field where it belongs, interacts and contributes. It shares with the rest of society a set of general issues, and seeks to find and form common grounds and references with others. Fethullah Gülen writes, “Huge developments in transportation and telecommunication technology have made the world into a great village. In these circumstances, all the peoples of the world must learn to share this village among them and live together in peace and mutual assistance. We believe that peoples, no matter of what faith, culture, civilization, race, color and country, have more to compel them to come together than what separates them. If we encourage those elements which oblige them to live together in peace and awaken them to the lethal dangers of warring and conflicts, the world may be better than it is today.”

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