What accounts for the efficacy of the Gülen Movement as a collective actor?

Fethullah Gülen

The Gülen Movement is composed of many SMOs pursuing similar goals but different strategies. While no one owns the services and authority in the name of the collective actor, the Gülen Movement guarantees its participants access to immediate and verifiable control of the goods and services organized through their collective action.

The Gülen Movement is strengthened by flexibility, adaptability, and immediacy and its availability as a channel for the direct expression of needs that state organizations, political parties or other more structured organizations cannot incorporate.

The Gülen Movement’s collective action and its institutions have a number of obvious strengths: the institutions’ ability to pursue general goals over the long term; their insusceptibility to escapism, extremism or violence; the simplicity of their decision-making and mediation; their efficiency and effectiveness, and their work ethic in which a variety of interests collaborate. Thus, the organization and effectiveness of the SMOs of the Gülen Movement, and their service ethic all contribute to its efficacy as a complex collective actor.

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