What are participants’ attitudes towards diversity and coexistence?

Fethullah Gülen

Fethullah Gülen has explained, “The peace of this (global) village lies in respecting all these differences, in considering these differences to be part of our nature, and in ensuring that people appreciate these differences. Otherwise, it is unavoidable that the world will devour itself in a web of conflicts, disputes, fights, and the bloodiest of wars, thus preparing the way for its own end.”

In all circumstances around the world, Fethullah Gülen and Movement participants act meaningfully to reduce aggression, adhering to a simple maxim of paramount value: “Peace is better.” Fethullah Gülen and the Movement prove definitively that they are on the side of peace at home and abroad offering Muslims a way to live out Islamic values amidst the complex demands of modern societies. They offer Muslims a successful way/model to engage in ongoing dialogue and co-operation with people of other religions.

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