What did Fethullah Gülen mean in saying that the true goal of nations must be civilization?

Fethullah Gülen

By “civilization” Fethullah Gülen means a renewal of individuals and society in terms of ethical conduct and mentality. Fethullah Gülen cultivates a holistic peace through his non-violent lifestyle, the condemnation of terrorism and violence, and his contribution to the mobilization of a movement for spiritual and social change in the world.

Fethullah Gülen motivates people for purposes other than those imposed by dominant interest groups. He speaks for freedom of speech and consolidation of democratic institutions so that vested interests cannot bend to their own goals the varied values and meanings held by society. He calls for the discussion and redefinition of many social and cultural objects. Accepting the plurality of meanings in the way advocated by Gülen suits the true nature of a civilized human being. His understanding and efforts inspire many to work to find a way out of global crises and conflicts.

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