What is the Gülen Movement’s relation to globalization?

Fethullah Gülen

Part of the Gülen Movement’s reputation is owed to the success of the collective services by institutions and SMOs outside Turkey. Its transnational and joint projects have yielded significant recognition and co-operation from foreign sources. That success in part motivates the counter-mobilization against the Gülen Movement in Turkey.

The business, educational and interfaith organizations operating across economic, political and cultural boundaries work within a common rationale based on knowledge, skills and shared ethical values. The core of the Gülen Movement is an educative mobilization which addresses time, space, relations between people, the self, and the affective deep structure of individual behavior. Its rationale therefore does not exhibit change, whether in Turkey or anywhere else.

The Gülen Movement’s service projects and networks successfully open possibilities for new solutions by getting people together to talk about vital issues in their communities. In this way the Movement helps to produce insights and solutions for common issues and common concerns. It therefore works to connect to actors who are responsible for those key issues, or more correctly for solutions. This also leads to mutual understanding of differences and ways to act positively, constructively and peacefully even with those differences; it prepares the ground for complementary action and mutually respected collaboration for greater good in a globalized world.

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